March 19

Two Truths & One Lie

At one point, you’ve probably played Two Truths & One Lie. Maybe with your friends, or as a get-to-know-you in some sort of activity or camp. Unless you haven’t, the rules are simple. I will write down 3 facts about me (per question) and 2 will be true, but 1 will be a lie. Your job is to guess which one is the lie! Personally, I can’t come up with one unless I have 10 full, uninterrupted minutes of thinking. Anyway, I’m going to write down 3 about me, feel free to make a few about you in the comments! (I will answer!) Also, one of my friends did this on her blog, (it was originally her idea) so click here to read it.

(P.S, some of the answers may be in previous posts! Mwa ha ha ha!)

Here’s a small piece of art I did specifically for this. In a way, I guess it’s kinda a title/illustration?

#1.) a.) At one point, my uncle had 5 cats. (At once!)

b.) I have 3 Maine Coon cats named Max, Ruby and Molly named after a tv show I watched as a kid.

c.) The last pickle I ate was 6 years ago.


#2.) a.) I love killing off characters when I write, but I hate when they die in books and movies.

b.) The last time I painted my nails was 3 years ago.

c.) One of my all-time favorite board games is “Settlers of Catan”.


#3.) a.) Another one of my all-time favorite games is called “Exploding Kittens”.

b.) I have a Labrador dog named Thor.

c.) One of my favorite places “Where I Live” (hint hint) is Beaver Tails. (Unfortunately, it’s closed down.)


So that’s it! The answer key will be in the comment section, so if you want to guess which ones are the lie, make sure not to read my comment till you’re done. I would love to hear some about you too! Anyway, have a great day.


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2 thoughts on “Two Truths & One Lie

  1. 24laurenw

    Dear Sarah,
    This is a super cool blog idea! I am guessing that in #1 the lie is that your uncle had 5 cats at once. For #2 the lie is probably that you haven’t painted your nails in 3 years, & for #3 I think the lie is that you have a Labrador named Thor. I love exploding kittens A LOT! My blog is if you want to check it out and learn a little bit more about me!

    1. Sarah (Post author)

      Hey Lauren! Thanks for commenting!
      I will definitely check out your blog and leave a comment too. You guessed two right!
      The answers are; *drum roll please!*

      In #1, the lie is that I have 3 cats name Max, Ruby and Molly. Max and Ruby are cats, but Molly is my Dad’s dog. It’s kinda crazy to think that my uncle did have 5 cats at once, but it’s true! (He had a big house!) But it didn’t last very long. After a few months, his oldest died.

      In #2, you guessed right. But, I only painted my nails once in that 3-year span. I always hate it when it starts growing out.

      Aaaand in #3, you guessed right too! I do have a dog named Thor, but he’s not a Labrador. He’s a Goldendoodle, like Molly!

      Anyway, have a great day. Thanks again for commenting!


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