June 18

Good Bye Blogging!

Hey people!

Bit of a somber post…

The end of the year’s coming up, and I’ll be transferring to highschool. So I’ve decided to write a short, SHORT post to say bye to blogging!!!

Let me just mention, the other day, I looked up “Corgi Shark” and the images that came up were glorious. I would definitely would recommend it!

One of the many glorious images. I often come back to this one.

Anyway, bye for good this time!!


June 18

The Legend of Zelda; Breath of the Wild


Today, I’m doing something a little different from usual. If you read my “About Me” post, you would know that I love video games. In particular, the “Legend of Zelda” franchise. I’m going to do a game review on “The Legend of Zelda; Breath of The Wild”, the newest and most critically acclaimed addition to this already phenomenal series. Before I start, I just want to say that


it is a completely open-air game, with MASSIVE exploring space, (divided into regions) 76 side quests in total and dozens upon dozens of items, weapons and creatures. There are also many mini games, little easter eggs, (not literal easter eggs; little fun surprises and helpful collectibles.)

Basically, you start the game with your memories gone, with only a strange, woman’s voice to guide you. Later, you find out that the kingdom of Hyrule is in grave danger. A beast named Calamity Ganon has destroyed Hyrule, turning it into a desolate land of monsters and ruin. Few villages and towns have survived, and the princess, Zelda, is the only one keeping Calamity Ganon from destroying Hyrule completely. Your ultimate task is to defeat Calamity Ganon and aid Princess Zelda before that happens.

Here is one of my own screenshots in the middle of in-game play, on my own Nintendo Switch at home.

What I love about this game is that is is completely open-ended. Don’t feel like continuing the storyline for a while? No prob. Explore the vast regions of Hyrule, meet new people, get stronger, and spend as much time as you like doing just that. Also, it is not a short game. You will not finish it in a week. You will get plenty of enjoyable play time out of it, and by plenty, I REALLY mean it.

For now, I hope you enjoyed my game review, maybe later I will write a little more on the subject. But for now, that’s it! I highly recommend this game, but a thing to note is that this game is currently only available on the Nintendo Switch or the WiiU. However, they have discontinued making the WiiU, so it is only available on the WiiU if you already have the gaming system.

Anyway, have a great day!




March 22

My Young Entrepreneur Fair Survey!

Hello, people! I have a bit of a favor to ask. It’s super quick and easy! I am doing an online survey for my product in a Young Entrepreneur fair, a yearly event at our school. The description of why I’m doing it and what the Young Entrepreneur Fair is is below, please read it and help me improve my product! Also, 10% of all proceeds go to the local SPCA. (The average time to answer is literally 30 seconds!)

Please do not do my survey more than once, as it messes up my data.

This is an image of my product!

So that’s it for my survey! Please remember that any answer you may or may not submit is anonymous, meaning I don’t know anything about the person who answered and all I saw was your answers. Thank you for doing my survey! Have a great day!


March 21

ABC of Me!


As my first post, I wrote a simple about me. The majority of my class wrote an ABC of Me along-side the About Me post! It’s a good idea, so I’ll do the same. Also, I simply felt like I haven’t written anything about me for a long time.  (To read the original About Me post, click here or find it on the About Me page under my tagline!)

A ~ ARMS is one of my favorite brawling games on the Nintendo Switch.

B ~ I make the BEST brownies.

C ~ I used to have two cats.

D ~ I have one dog.

E ~ My scrambled eggs are DA BOMB. (Mostly because I include BACON BITS!!)

F ~ Once, without looking and without spell-check, I spelled “super-cali-fragilistic– expiali-docious” correct. (Which roughly means; “atoning for educability through delicate beauty”. Not even sure what that means either, but whatever.)

G ~ I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy for at least 4 months now, and I’m still not caught up.

H ~ I hate spice, but I don’t particularly hate the feeling of having my mouth on fire via wasabi. WASABI.

I ~ I am currently writing a story called Infiltration.

J ~ I have never laid eyes on a container of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, much less tasted it.

K ~ For some reason, the idea of the Krusty Krab from Spongebob makes me want to barf. Please forgive me, Spongebob lovers! *Gets stampeded by Spongebob fans*

L ~ Whenever I play Pokemon, the first water type Pokemon I get is always nicknamed Layana. I don’t know why, it just sounds like a pretty, water-ish name.

M ~ For some reason, I only ever dream/ remember my dreams on Mondays. 

N ~ Surprisingly, I think the best brand of chips is actually No Name. It’s really surprising, but it’s totally true! Barbecue and dill pickle No Name chips 4 lyfe!

O ~ I didn’t know that OJ stood for Orange Juice until I was at least 11.

P ~ I am fluent in the language of puns.

Q ~ the only thing I know about Mexico is that it’s hot and that there is a place called Quintana Roo.

R ~ I LOVE to read. My bookshelf is literally overflowing so bad I’m using the shelves in the guest room.

S ~ Whether I like salsa or not literally depends on my mood. No joke.

T ~ I am a little tilde happy. I love and overuse tildes. (In case you don’t know what a tilde is, here is one one looks like! > ~ < That is a tilde!)

U ~ I have wanted to try playing Undertale for 3 years now; still haven’t gotten it.

V ~ When I was 6, Velma from Scooby-Doo was practically my role model.

W ~  I love to write, I want to be an author.

X ~ When I first played Pokemon X, I thought getting the legendary Pokemon Xerneas was a big accomplishment. Then I realized that it was a necessary part of the story line halfway into the game, and that practically everyone has it.

Y ~ I have never tried a Yo-Yo. Ever.

Z ~ I LOVE to play “Legend of Zelda“. I have Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch, Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask on 3DS XL, and Twilight Princess on an older model of the Wii.


So that’s it for me! I would love to read stuff about you, so feel free to leave a comment! Anyway, have a great day!

~ Sarah *cough cough tilde cough*


March 19

Two Truths & One Lie

At one point, you’ve probably played Two Truths & One Lie. Maybe with your friends, or as a get-to-know-you in some sort of activity or camp. Unless you haven’t, the rules are simple. I will write down 3 facts about me (per question) and 2 will be true, but 1 will be a lie. Your job is to guess which one is the lie! Personally, I can’t come up with one unless I have 10 full, uninterrupted minutes of thinking. Anyway, I’m going to write down 3 about me, feel free to make a few about you in the comments! (I will answer!) Also, one of my friends did this on her blog, (it was originally her idea) so click here to read it.

(P.S, some of the answers may be in previous posts! Mwa ha ha ha!)

Here’s a small piece of art I did specifically for this. In a way, I guess it’s kinda a title/illustration?

#1.) a.) At one point, my uncle had 5 cats. (At once!)

b.) I have 3 Maine Coon cats named Max, Ruby and Molly named after a tv show I watched as a kid.

c.) The last pickle I ate was 6 years ago.


#2.) a.) I love killing off characters when I write, but I hate when they die in books and movies.

b.) The last time I painted my nails was 3 years ago.

c.) One of my all-time favorite board games is “Settlers of Catan”.


#3.) a.) Another one of my all-time favorite games is called “Exploding Kittens”.

b.) I have a Labrador dog named Thor.

c.) One of my favorite places “Where I Live” (hint hint) is Beaver Tails. (Unfortunately, it’s closed down.)


So that’s it! The answer key will be in the comment section, so if you want to guess which ones are the lie, make sure not to read my comment till you’re done. I would love to hear some about you too! Anyway, have a great day.


March 7

Death In Space!

Hi! Here’s a short story I wrote, inspired by this video.  We had to choose  one of these following “deaths in space” and write about how they got there/how they died.  *Disclaimer; the following story has a very abrupt, ANNOYING ENDING WHERE THE MAIN CHARACTER DIES. * Usually, I hate stories where it ends with the main character dying, (even though it’s fun to kill off side-characters whenever I write!) but I think I’ll make an exception.

Death in Space from Thomas Lucas on Vimeo.

Here is #13 in the previous video, the one I decided to base my short story on!

I trudged carefully through the sludge, feeling every bounce in my step. I tried to plant my feet in the ground, knowing that if I jumped, I could fly away and never be seen again. 

I was on the moon, after all. Here, death was a jump away. A step away. A shove away. In the distance, I saw a faint light illuminate my helmet, pulsating. The Headquarters, a massive building where all those temporarily OR permanently living on the moon stayed. My home. I sprinted towards the light, seeing with a jolt that my oxygen gauge, representing how much oxygen I have left in my tank, was dangerously low.  

~ 3 Minutes Later ~ 

A sigh of relief escaped my lips as I slipped into the triple, air-proof doors of Headquarters. Pulling off my helmet with a heave, I collapsed onto a soft, well-worn couch in the lobby.  

I strolled to the storage room, looking for a full tank of oxygen. As I rounded a corner, I saw a flash of one woman and one man arguing heatedly behind a thick door. Nervously looking around, I didn’t see anyone besides the two strangers. I strained to hear what they were saying, only making out a few words behind the sound-proof door; “Task…. Sinkhole…. Important…. Die….” Stunned into silence, I scrambled away as I heard the click of the door opening.  

Of course, I tripped over my own feet. 

A loud thump echoed through the halls as I saw my face rush up to meet the tiled floor. I saw from my obscured point of view one pair of padded shoes rush up to help me, firmly grasping my arm. A cold voice drawled from behind me. “She’ll do. I guess.” Dazed, I brushed my dusty hands off on my knees, coming face-to-face with the woman who had helped me up. She still wore her space helmet, as if she had just been outside, and I could see my reflection in her visor. My thick framed, black glasses, my black hair, (dyed purple at the bottom) pulled up into a tight, high ponytail and my dark brown eyes. Quickly mumbling a thank-you, I turned to face the man. A smirk seemed permanently plastered on his face, and his short blonde hair was gelled into a stylish position.  

Shock ran through my blood as I realized exactly who I was staring at. Surprise must have clouded my face for a minute, because he growled tightly to the woman. “I have to go. Just explain it to her, and don’t take no for an answer!”  

Sighing deeply, the woman carefully pulled me into the room that they had just come out of.  

“Was that Lucien? THE Lucien? The rich contributor who had  paid for the whole compound?” I inquired nervously. “Yeah. He can be very bossy though…” The woman exhaled. “Anyways. He has a task he needed a commoner to do. One of our best videographers, someone who takes live footage of the moon and streams it to NASA, had been sucked into a tiny sinkhole, and is now stuck at the bottom of the hole. Mercifully not hurt, but his oxygen is running out by the second. I need someone to help me move some ground to help him get out.” She explained. “I was told to not take no for an answer. Is your tank full?” She interrogated. 

“Yes…” I replied.  

“Ok. Follow me, we have to leave NOW. By the way, my name’s Raven. Yours?” Raven hurriedly rushed me out the back doors.  

“Aubrey. Nice to meet you, Raven, though I wish it was under less pressured circumstances.” I grumbled. 

We rushed out the door, so fast I barely registered putting on my suit. Scenery of twinkling stars and vibrant rocks flew by as our vehicle cut through the landscape, before we slowed down, approaching a massive hole in the land. We silently jumped out of the car-thing, and I peered down into the hole, as close to the edge as I would dare. It seemed to be around 24, 25 meters deep, and about 6 meters squared wide.  

“Hey! We’re here from Headquarters, we’re gonna get you out, okay? Just breathe in as shallow breaths as you can without blacking out, and don’t answer us back, that would be wasted oxygen. Just nod if you understand us!” Raven hollered down the hole, directed at a faint, huddling figure in the corner. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the figure nod faintly. 

“Poor guy.” I mumbled, out of the figure’s range of hearing. 

Raven ignored my comment, and simply dug two shovels out from the vehicle. Handing one to me, she got to work, already attempting to create a steep, thin ramp to walk up and down on. 

Breathing heavily, I finished up a small section of ramp, moving onto a large rock directly in the middle of our soon-to-be ramp. Clutching both sides of the smooth rock, I strained for what seemed like a minute. After still not getting it, I grabbed my shovel, starting to dig around the edges of the rock to make it easier to pull from the ground. A small pile of moon-dirt started to pile around me, and I decided to try lifting it out of the ground again.  

I bent down, jelly-arms wrapping around the rock as if I was going to give it a hug. Unable to pull it from the ground while standing up, I plopped down, ignoring my embarrassment. Using my feet like a lever, I pried it from the ground, feeling the ground give way a measly inch. Flopped on the ground, I rested my arms, ready to try again in a moment. 

Ok. I can do this. Once again using my feet like a lever, I felt the ground becoming a little softer, yet the rock still refusing to move. I pulled on that rock for 10 seconds before it came out of the ground quickly. Too quickly! I couldn’t stop pulling the rock in time. It flew from the ground, the large rock hitting my visor with a loud crunch. In terror, I watched as cracks began to spiderweb from a single point on my visor, fanning out quickly. Chips of glass began to fall from my visor, and I immediately puffed out my cheeks, prolonging what I knew would happen in a moment.  

I was going to die.  

Painful spots filled my vision, and my lungs burst as I gulped in a large mouthful of oxygen-less air. 

I slumped against the wall of the ramp, dizzily hearing Raven rush up. 

The last thing I saw was Raven’s concerned face before I fell into the light. 

The End! 

There it is! I hoped you liked my short story. If you had to choose one of the “deaths in space” which one would you choose? Also, check out some of Thomas Lucas’s other animations. They have had lots of work put into them, and are amazing! Have a great day!


March 5

Where I Live

As of 2016, the Comox Valley has a population of around 66, 527, with a growth rate of around 4.7%. That includes Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland, Royston, Union Bay, Fanny Bay, Black Creek and Merville. Most people consider Denman Island and Hornby Island to be a part of the population as well. Comox Valley is on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

In the Comox Valley, one of my favourite places by far is Mt. Washington. I love to ski, and on Mt. Washington, there are plenty of runs. In total, there are 5 chairlifts and 6 magic carpets. The magic carpets are for beginners, it’s how you get back up the bunny hills. The five charlifts, in order of difficulty, (easiest to hardest) are;

(The magic carpets) The Hawk, the Eagle, the Whiskeyjack, the Sunrise and the Boomerang. The middle three could be in any order.

Here’s a map of the downhill skiing/snowboarding trails on Mt. Washington!

Once every week I go up there and just go skiing with some friends. There’s plenty of good food, (by “food” I mind as well be saying “pizza”. There is SO MUCH PIZZA up there! But it’s really good pizza!)

One of my favourite places to eat there is Ted’s. They have so much! Poutine, nachos, burgers, you name it. It’s also delicious! Ted’s can be found near the entrance to the lodge closest to the Eagle chair.

There also used to be this place called Beaver Tails up there. Unfortunately, it’s closed down now, but it was a tiny little nook place. There was no seating, so you found see tons of people wandering outside with Beaver Tails, but it was pretty much similar to the BEST waffle place ever. The waffles would come in the shape, size and pattern of the average beaver tail, and you would be able to order tons of delicious treats to put on top. Strawberries, chocolate syrup, bananas, icing sugar, candied bacon. Plus tons of other fruits and sauces!

Anyway, I’ve told you about one of my favourite places, what about your favourite place, if you could choose? Have a great day!


February 27

5 Health Myths Proven Untrue

Have your parents ever told you some sort of health myth, or maybe you heard one online or at school? Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but not all are true. Here are 5 health myths that are widely known, but are debunked by science!

1.) Sitting too close to the television is bad for your eyes.

Nope! With some models of very old tv’s that produce X-Rays, maybe, but with newer technology, only some eye fatigue.

2.) Gum stays in your system for seven years if you swallow it.

Also nope! Unless you swallow a whole bunch at once, it digests just the same as any other solid food.

3.) Carrots improve your vision.

Well, carrots are healthy, but studies show they don’t improve eyesight.

4.) Being cold will give you a cold.

No matter what anyone may have told you about this one, you are actually more likely to get sick indoors where germs are more easily passed.

5.) Cracking joints causes arthritis.

Cracking joints may annoy people around you, but scientists have found no reason to believe cracking your knuckles increases your chance of arthritis.

There are 5 common heath myths proven untrue by scientists! If you want to see a few more, here are a couple sources. Have a great day!


February 27

A Harris Burdick Mystery: The Harp

     I felt wind gently caress my cheek, and a scent of fresh pine filled my nose. Towering oaks surrounded me, casting my whole body in harsh shadow. My Goldendoodle, Molly, scampered beside me, thinking that this was just a normal walk through the woods.|

It wasn’t.

A shiver went down my spine. A burning filled my lungs, yet I continued to trudge forward because I needed to know if it was true. If something unearthly truly did lie in that beautiful, slow-moving creek so deep in the woods. For years, a small creek in the exact middle of the only undeveloped forest in the city had gone unnoticed, until the disappearance of a logger. A logger directly in the middle of a group of 20 other loggers. My mother, being on the Search-and-Rescue team had gone to look for him, saying that the logger had friends and family and couldn’t have just disappeared.

My mother never came back.

The group she had gone with visited me personally, claiming they heard nothing, saw nothing. They consoled me, said they wanted to help me in any way they could. After all, I’m only a 14 year-old girl who’s mother had just disappeared. Yet no one went to look for her or the logger, and for a week it had stayed that way.

Until now.

My breath came in ragged gasps, and my limbs felt like jelly. I heard a soft gurgling of water, and knew I was close. I started to hum my favourite song to calm my nerves, and despite myself, I almost hoped I didn’t find anything. I didn’t want to be taken like my mother.

All of a sudden, I stopped humming. Yet I still heard the fast melody echoing through the trees, and realized that I heard nothing else. No birds, no crunching of my boots against ground. Pale, I peered through the bushes in front of me, slowly sneaking up to the edge of the brush. I saw the creek, but nothing else. No beasts.

Relieved, I walked past the bush, watching the river from behind a large tree. A golden flash caught my eye, and I whipped my head to face what I was sure was going to take me from my home. Instead, I saw a harp sitting on a rock on the river’s edge, still playing my song.
And I saw the water rippling from a single point next to the harp. 

Hey! This is a story that I based off of a picture by Harris Burdick. What do you think is going to happen next? Have a great day!


February 27

Favourite Things Party!

Peanut Butter Cup Heart Robert Fornal via Compfight

Have you ever done a favorite things party? They’re really fun, I just recently did one.

 Pretty much what it is is a party where you buy 5 of one of your favorite things that is under 7 dollars. At least 5 people have to come, and when they get there, each person puts their name in a bowl 5 times. (On different slips of paper!)

Then, one person starts. They show what their favorite thing is, then draws 5 different names from the bowl. If they choose themselves or someone who has already been chosen, (for that item) their name goes back in the bowl. Those 5 people each get one of that person’s favorite thing! Usable names pulled out of the bowl goes off to the side.

Then, the first person who’s name was drawn does the exact same thing! Once everybody has gone, each person should have 5 different favorite things of other people’s.

Its really fun! For example, I brought 5 MASSIVE peanut butter cups from Rocky Mountain Chocolates as my favorite thing. ( I do LOOOOOVE peanut butter cups!) The peanut butter cups went to 5 other people, and I got 5 different things in return! One of which was actually my sketchbook where I draw my manga and anime.

If you did a favorite things party, which 5 items would you bring? Have a great day!



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