December 12

Snow Sports!

Yep, it’s that time of year again. The nearest mountain opened on Dec. 1st, and a little more than half my class is counting the days till they get up there, including me. Most of us ski, some snowboard, and some just like being up there. Personally, I have been skiing for 4 years, and this year is the year I want to try snowboarding. Every year I get a mountain map, and I highlight every run I do. Each year one of my goals are to do every run on the mountain! (Not counting the cross-country runs). Last year, I only missed three runs on the whole mountain. Two double-black diamonds, and one that is black at the top and blue at the bottom. I was sooo close! Do you do any snow sports?

Have a great day!


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Posted December 12, 2017 by Sarah in category Fun, My Life

2 thoughts on “Snow Sports!

  1. Ashley DeMaio

    Hi Sarah!
    I am a college student from the US. I have been skiing for 2 years now but I am not as skilled as you! I recently went skiing and I have gotten better! However, I cannot do black diamonds or any sort of trial that is that difficult! I think it is amazing that you are able to do such difficult tasks and enjoy it. I love how you have a goal as well. It is so important to have a goal in anything that you do in life, that is what will make you a great person. You are on the right track and keep writing about the things that make you unique! Have a great day and I hope you are able to complete all of the runs on the mountain.

    1. Sarah (Post author)

      Hello Ashley! Thanks for commenting. It caught my eye that you are in college, because one of my brothers is as well. Sometimes, depending on the weather I don’t particularly enjoy it, but when that happens, I finish the run and go in. Lucky for me, that only happens maybe 8% of the time? If I were to guess, that would be it. I’m actually in a program where I go up every week, once a week, and ski for 5 and a half hours. (With 2 lunch/snack breaks!) And just go out skiing with my friends. It’s really fun! Just keep at skiing and you’ll get better and better. Everyone gets better over time, and everyone has to start somewhere. Have a great day!


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