November 29

Robots Are Here!

Did you know robots have actually been invented? Well, they have! With this type of robot, you could see anywhere without leaving your bed.

This new robot, (invented last year) called the Double, is a phone or tablet on an adjustable stand that’s mounted on motorized wheels. All you need to do is make a video call to the bot from your own phone or tablet, and once you’re connected, the Double will stream its┬álive video surroundings to you. Your own face will pop up on the tablet attached to the Double, and you can move the Double around as well as interact with others around you!

All you need to do is tell the Double to go to the movies or the zoo, you can see everything there live without ever leaving your room! To learn more about the Double, click here. What do you think it would be like to learn from home this way? Or maybe what it would be like to have a Double in the classroom?

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Posted November 29, 2017 by Sarah in category Learning, Technology

2 thoughts on “Robots Are Here!

  1. Jackson

    Hi Sarah,
    I like your post on robots. There are really COOL!
    Did you know that there are robots in the world that can run fast and jump hi
    and robots that can walk like a human.


    1. Sarah (Post author)

      Hi Jackson, thanks for commenting!
      I think robots are really cool too. Even though there are a LOT of different kinds, I chose to write about this one because I thought the video was very informative and inspiring, and I also just thought it was a cool idea. Though I wonder if they have any security measures against stealing the tablet. When I think of robots, I didn’t know there are ones in the world that can run fast or jump! That’s really cool! Glad you enjoyed my post.
      Have a great day!


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