March 5

Where I Live

As of 2016, the Comox Valley has a population of around 66, 527, with a growth rate of around 4.7%. That includes Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland, Royston, Union Bay, Fanny Bay, Black Creek and Merville. Most people consider Denman Island and Hornby Island to be a part of the population as well. Comox Valley is on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

In the Comox Valley, one of my favourite places by far is Mt. Washington. I love to ski, and on Mt. Washington, there are plenty of runs. In total, there are 5 chairlifts and 6 magic carpets. The magic carpets are for beginners, it’s how you get back up the bunny hills. The five charlifts, in order of difficulty, (easiest to hardest) are;

(The magic carpets) The Hawk, the Eagle, the Whiskeyjack, the Sunrise and the Boomerang. The middle three could be in any order.

Here’s a map of the downhill skiing/snowboarding trails on Mt. Washington!

Once every week I go up there and just go skiing with some friends. There’s plenty of good food, (by “food” I mind as well be saying “pizza”. There is SO MUCH PIZZA up there! But it’s really good pizza!)

One of my favourite places to eat there is Ted’s. They have so much! Poutine, nachos, burgers, you name it. It’s also delicious! Ted’s can be found near the entrance to the lodge closest to the Eagle chair.

There also used to be this place called Beaver Tails up there. Unfortunately, it’s closed down now, but it was a tiny little nook place. There was no seating, so you found see tons of people wandering outside with Beaver Tails, but it was pretty much similar to the BEST waffle place ever. The waffles would come in the shape, size and pattern of the average beaver tail, and you would be able to order tons of delicious treats to put on top. Strawberries, chocolate syrup, bananas, icing sugar, candied bacon. Plus tons of other fruits and sauces!

Anyway, I’ve told you about one of my favourite places, what about your favourite place, if you could choose? Have a great day!


December 12

Snow Sports!

Yep, it’s that time of year again. The nearest mountain opened on Dec. 1st, and a little more than half my class is counting the days till they get up there, including me. Most of us ski, some snowboard, and some just like being up there. Personally, I have been skiing for 4 years, and this year is the year I want to try snowboarding. Every year I get a mountain map, and I highlight every run I do. Each year one of my goals are to do every run on the mountain! (Not counting the cross-country runs). Last year, I only missed three runs on the whole mountain. Two double-black diamonds, and one that is black at the top and blue at the bottom. I was sooo close! Do you do any snow sports?

Have a great day!