February 27

Favourite Things Party!

Peanut Butter Cup Heart Robert Fornal via Compfight

Have you ever done a favorite things party? They’re really fun, I just recently did one.

 Pretty much what it is is a party where you buy 5 of one of your favorite things that is under 7 dollars. At least 5 people have to come, and when they get there, each person puts their name in a bowl 5 times. (On different slips of paper!)

Then, one person starts. They show what their favorite thing is, then draws 5 different names from the bowl. If they choose themselves or someone who has already been chosen, (for that item) their name goes back in the bowl. Those 5 people each get one of that person’s favorite thing! Usable names pulled out of the bowl goes off to the side.

Then, the first person who’s name was drawn does the exact same thing! Once everybody has gone, each person should have 5 different favorite things of other people’s.

Its really fun! For example, I brought 5 MASSIVE peanut butter cups from Rocky Mountain Chocolates as my favorite thing. ( I do LOOOOOVE peanut butter cups!) The peanut butter cups went to 5 other people, and I got 5 different things in return! One of which was actually my sketchbook where I draw my manga and anime.

If you did a favorite things party, which 5 items would you bring? Have a great day!



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